Visa for Foreigners General Information

Visa Requirements:

Common requirements:     
a)    Passport with at least six (06) months validity.  
b)   Three (03) recent passport size photographs. (White background)   
c)    Photo copy of pages of passport having detail particulars & Photocopy of Qatar Residency Permit.
d)    Photo copy of previous visa page.
e)    Filled up visa application form (can be downloaded from this website) or click here online application 
f)     Company N.O.C.  
g)    Please pay only exact amount of visa fee in cash (in Qatari Riyal). Click here for visa fees       
h)    Tourist Visa: In addition to common requirements, proof of applicant’s profession shall be submitted.
i)     Air ticket.
j)     Hotel booking.   
     ii) Business Visa: 
       a) Covering letter from applicants own company. 
       b) Invitation letter from Bangladeshi company. 
       c) Proof being a businessman/or his representative.   
       d) Company C.R Copy

     iii) Employment Visa: 
        a) Letter from BOI/BEPZA/Ministry/NGO Affairs Bureau stating that applicant has been appointed in accordance with existing rules and regulation for the time being in force.       
        b) Appointment letter stating terms and conditions of employment including salary, house rent, etc.     
     iv) Diplomatic, UN & Official visas: In addition to common requirements, note verbale from respective Govt./Mission/UN organization, etc.  

      v) Investor visa: Letter from BOI/BEPZA stating that the applicant is an investor.   
     vi) Student Visa: 
         a) Offering letter from the concerned government recognized educational institution in Bangladesh. 
         b) Bank solvency certificate of the guardian.
         c) Sponsorship certificate provided by guardian confirming the commitment to bear the educational expenses.    
     vii) Other categories: 
         a) Relevant documents in support of visit from both sides. 

*     The Embassy encourages the submission of application in person. 
*     Incomplete application will be rejected.