Ambassadors Message

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Qatar. First of all, I take this opportunity to express, on behalf of the Government and the people of Bangladesh, our sincere appreciation to the Government and the people of Qatar for their tremendous support, and also for their strong solidarity. Bangladesh has been in need of development in various areas ever since our hard-fought independence.

Qatar has provided a wide range of support to Bangladesh. I sense that the people of Qatar have had a special feeling to Bangladesh and the Bangladeshis living in Qatar. We will celebrate the 44th anniversary of the establishment of Bangladesh- Qatar diplomatic relations in June next year (2019). Over the past four decades the two countries have maintained excellent bilateral relations. Moreover, frequent people-to-people exchanges have been taking place in many other fields, such as culture and academia, for a long time. I invite Qatari people as possible to come to Bangladesh and to appreciate the culture and to understand that Bangladesh is a country which is full of passion. I realize there is the necessity of further strengthening and deepening the mutual understanding by taking full advantage of the anniversary.

 Most importantly I would like to recollect the immense contribution of the Bangladesh expatriates living in Qatar towards the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. I am a very proud ambassador in the sense that every time when I meet with H.H. the Emir and other Hon’ble Ministers and high officials of Qatar, they always highly appreciate the contribution of Bangladeshis towards the development works of Bangladesh. I believe we will keep the momentum alive through hard work and sincerity.

 To conclude, I hope this website would assist the Bangladeshi expatriates and foreigners to get the necessary information in one click. Any suggestions to improve the contents of the website would highly be appreciated (